antiques shows are fun

photo5So I went to the Chester County Antiques Show yesterday to benefit the Chester County Historical Society and I joined the historical society while I was at it.

One can hope that maybe they will read my blog and take an interest in things like Ebenezer Baptist, Linden Hall, or the beautiful and rotting Loch Aerie. Well that won’t happen…but it is a nice dream.  HOWEVER,  since the Chester County Historical Society seems to do stuff, well why not join and support them in a small way?

photo4The show was at Phelps School this year, new for 2013.  And guess what? It was their best show yet and flowed better.  Jimmy Duffy’s did the cafe.

I had to swallow a minor fit of pique mixed with giggles when I entered because I stood there and stood there as one volunteer discussed health issues with someone and then another volunteer without looking at me asked me if I wanted a senior citizen discount.  I mean wow, I know a lot of women my age do not choose to go gray versus being a bottle whatever, but I am barely graying at this point !!

I will note that I was the youngest there by about 15 years, and what a shame that photo2more of my peer group didn’t check this show out.

I had so much fun!  Met some really interesting and pleasant dealers from out-of-state, and some local dealers that gave me the once over and decided I wasn’t even worth greeting. (Like Stevens Antiques in Malvern/Frazer.  Won’t be patronizing them any time soon.)

photo1The show was beautifully laid out and I saw some truly amazing things…along with some of my favorites like Tole trays and ceramic and porcelain chickens…saw some other fun things including a really whimsical cow statue. And OMG there was this estate jewelry dealer from Maryland right as you entered with cases of baubles to die for.

I have not enjoyed a show so much since Yellow Springs USED to do an antiques show.

Thanks Chester County Historical Society!