yes, that is indeed a new header

I decided to change the header.  I have been blog tweaking and you people need to be on your toes and expect the unexpected!  I have all sorts of fabulous photos I have taken, so why limit myself to just one?  Besides all the drama over my prior header made me want to take a little break from that photo.  That is NOT to say that I will never go back to my favorite barn as a header, because that is not the case.  I just thought these horses would make an excellent header is all.


3 thoughts on “yes, that is indeed a new header

  1. Thank goodness you changed your header…… It’s about time. We were losing interest in your reader. Beautiful choice. Thank you!

    • Your compliment is one I find insincere at best. This is my blog and if my photo of the Women’s Lib Barn makes you lose interest why that makes it so tempting to change it back!

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