11 thoughts on “there’s a hummingbird MOTH in my phlox!

  1. I don’t think that’s a humming bird, that looks like a sphinx moth.

    • Actually you are wrong. The bird was moving fast, and I had my slow camera out and didn’t captured as well as I could have but it was definitely hummingbird I was right in front of it

  2. Lovely picture! But compare it to a picture of a sphinx moth-they mimic hummingbirds. You can clearly see the segmented sections on the end, and the antennae. It is still an awesome thing to see in the garden! Thanks for sharing.

    • I might think you are right if I didn’t see it again this morning- It is definitely not a moth – I’m telling you it is just because I didn’t have my best camera out where I can really adjust shutter speed and whatnot that it is unclear

  3. I have several in my garden. They always trick me at first, but upon closer look you can see that they have no feathers and their heads blends into their thoraxes. Excellent example of convergent evolution. Maybe you had one of each? Hummingbirds and the moths sometimes occur in my garden at the same time.

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