fun with primitives (again)


People often operate under the misperception that collecting has to be stuffy, expensive, is for hoarders.  That is not true.  You can collect a restrained number of things that you can actually use in your home.  That is what I aim for now: can I use it and do I have room without looking like grandma’s attic.

Primitive candlesticks are a relatively new thing for me.  I recently sort of developed a candlestick crush on them.  I think they are cool in their plainness. And they make for cool groupings. Cast iron, tole painted, and so on.

I will caution you that they can be pricey….unless you do what I do and look for them at White Elephants, garage sales and picking barns….like my favorite barn The Smithfield Barn.

And oh I also discovered something else recently – I can find terrific lots of hand dipped and beeswax candles on eBay that are a heck of a lot more reasonable than buying them in stores around here.