my unintended visit to pilgrim state hospital

DSC_0079There are some utterly raw and scary (and iconic) photos in Life Magazine of an infamous New York State Mental Hospital called Pilgrim State Hospital.CSC_0090

Well, en route to the Hamptons last week….I saw it.  Didn’t mean to.  The silly Google maps program had re-routed us because of traffic over the George Washington Bridge and onto the Long Island Expressway.  The generally 3 1/2 to 4 hour trip was stretching into disastrous time.  I had to go to the bathroom and we were lost being directed on and off the LIE to avoid traffic and we just randomly got off at the Pilgrim Hospital Exit. Being from Pennsylvania, we did not know anything about this hospital, or that it had its own dedicated highway exit…to nowhere.

DSC_0089All of a sudden there we were, in the rain, on the grounds of a HUGE mostly deserted and abandoned psychiatric hospital.  Yup, like a Stephen King novel come to life.  Kept waiting for Jack Nicholson with crazy eyes to pop out from behind a tree.

This horror show was built around 1929 and opened in 1931. It still has a small part that is open and apparently some developer owns the bulk of the land left which is like the largest DSC_0084undeveloped parcel of land on Long Island apparently.  I have been reading blog posts about people getting in trouble taking photos there and how horrible a history the place has. I don’t know how a developer can think about putting homes and stuff there – the place feels haunted and I don’t mean that in a good way and I don’t say things like that either. You can find some eerie photos on the Abandoned America web page. And this “on the road” blog photographed it a lot as well.

DSC_0078I did not take many photos, but I took a few.  I was sort of freaked out that we kept basically doing laps around this property but never getting out.  It was the most oddly ominous place I had ever visited.

Anyway, file under creepy.



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  1. I have read many horrific true stories about this God forsaken place. Who would ever want to by property there except for a greedy developer.

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