neigh it isn’t so! rumors abound about horse rescue?

luna2Wow, I haven’t written about horse rescue in forever (I mean what is the point it is not regulated in PA  is it and does anyone in elected office even care about horses?)


Is it true she who shall not be mentioned by name no longer operates a rescue from rented barn space in Glenmoore? So what happens to that rescue now? Are they still around? Are they still in Chester County?

But what I am really curious about as I find the above a side-show circus in the scheme of things at this point is something going on at Turning for Home the Non-Profit that Barbara Luna was I thought the head of? Not only am I not able to bring up what used to be Turning for Home’s own website and can only access information through, but well Barbara Luna doesn’t lock down her Facebook page and by posts she has written it appears she has (a) moved to Virginia and (b) is starting a new non-profit for horses so what’s up in Equine Land people?

Seriously this is what PATHA says about Turning for Home:

With the help of the following organizations and farms, we have been able to succeed in our mission. Many of our adoptable horses can be seen on their websites or on Facebook.

  After the Races, Nottingham, PA

South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue, Moorestown, NJ

Lisa Molloy Training Center, Suffolk, VA

Castle Rock Farm, West Chester, PA

Sports Equine, Doylestown, PA

Hill Haven Farm, Millstone Twp., NJ

Ivy Hill Farm, Sewell, NJ 

In spite of all the comments about how mean a bunch of Chester County horse people were being, I have to ask the question: were they actually right on the money all along?

I keep looking for press releases on changes at Turning for Home, but seriously can she run Turning for Home and live in Virginia and start a new non-profit?

Inquiring minds want to know if this is all just fate and coincidence or something else?  And if she can run Turning for Home and War Horses at Rose Bower, Brava, because wow, what a lot of work! And apparently as per BizaPedia the filings were done on this war horses thing in October 2012 and is that true?  GuideStar has them in their directory but no information to speak of.


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  1. If Barbara Luna, at her age, wishes to take these horses in, accept a stipen from Turning For Home and then care for them to the end of thier days…I say more power to her. If instead she takes them in and then resells them within weeks or days…she is simply starting up another horse flipping business. At this point we all know what happens when you run a dishonest horse
    flipping business. You are sued. You lose. You have to leave your barn and your money train is derailed. Hopefully Barb will take a lesson from the downfall of her buddy Jessica Troxell Basciano.

  2. Horse people in Chester County are way to forgiving of this group of women going around abusing and killing these horses. No one want to make waves and problems , which then allows these women to continue on doing what they are doing. I went to everyone when my horse died and was told over and over again , sue her and when you win we will talk….. On both Facebook and the web , I was constantly harrassed by her friends and total strangers that felt “it was my job to check up on the horse” basically allowing people like this to continue to NOT take responsiblity for their behavior.
    What people forget is these girls are pro’s at this. They make you feel like they love the horses and will love and cherish them .
    They come across as sweet , innocent and wholesome . Looking for
    only the best for you furry friend. I placed my wonderful stallion with a
    young girl I totally trusted and had been breaking him at my farm for
    me. I completely trusted her. I was taking care of my mother as she
    battled against cancer 10-12 hours a day. I felt that this young girl would
    give my guy way more attention then I had at the time. I placed him
    on a free lease with a contract that stated he should be in a field by himself
    with a stall. When I went to check up on him not even 3 months later
    what I found was a skin and bones horse in a field with a ton of other
    horses. My horse died . I had to sue her to get someone to take this
    serious, She was found guilty. It took me 2 years and a ton of money
    to be able to say”
    “My horse, Art in Motion, was being leased by Paige Shivery. As a result of Paige Shivery training and boarding Art in Motion, he received poor and improper treatment, the result of which ended in the premature and unnatural death of Art in Motion. I filed a lawsuit in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas, seeking veterinary bills, the fair market value of Art in Motion, and attorney’s fees. As a result of that lawsuit, judgment was entered against Paige Shivery in the amount of $13,000, which remains unpaid. ”
    This is serious and happening all over this area, people need to stop cuddling these people and start making them be accountable for their behavior. Paige Shivery has paid me nothing and claimed in court she owns nothing but went to Devon this year with a purebred horse , listed under her name as owner and trainer!

  3. Since I first put this out to the public , I have had a bunch of people contact me with stories that would make your hair stand up about a ton of people doing the same thing in this area, someone needs to step up and start stopping these women. It is happening a ton. Horse people just don’t like to make waves . I have to be honest that I would never had said a thing until it happen to me personally and then it hit home . Losing both my mother and my horse in a 6 month period. It has been very sad to go through and I just wish more people would step up and start making these people be accountable …..Horses are suffering …….
    Art in Motion only offspring has had a great show year , doing great at two big shows , winning the blue and over all TB grand Champion , his name is Nigel. Art would be 5 this year . This would have been his year as a stallion with his first offspring doing well in the ring. It is bitter sweet to see this beautiful Gelding doing so well knowing that there will never be another like him , thanks to Paige Shivery.

    • People have been trying to make waves only local media and lawmakers do not seem interested the way you think they should be in horse rescue. The other thing is very few people are willing to step forward publicly the way you have due to all the pressures shall we say?

  4. Do we have any update on this woman that was making a living flipping these poor horses? Last I heard she was run out on a rail, out of her Fairview Road farm.

    • I don’t really know. There still some open items on Municipal Court dockets, but I have no information. Unless people involved come forward and go to the media, I doubt we will ever know the whole story.

  5. Several of us HAVE stepped forward and we HAVE made a difference. The court, the FBI and the IRS all do things in their own time frame. Rest assured, the fight has not ended and things are being done behind the scenes to insure ‘horse flipping’ becomes a thing of the past, at least in Chester County.

  6. As the writer stated earlier, the media isn’t as interested in horses as it is dogs. We can only assume with higher authorities involved, that the media won’t get involved until they have a neat little package to report on. There are currently three outstanding suits (that I am aware of ) against her with possibly more to come. The simple facts are: she was evicted/thrown out/asked to leave for non payment from several facilities in chester cty, two of which are currently in legal battles with her. Being a dead beat on rent is just one of the concerns revolving around her. If you know of anyone who has had a bad experience in regards to purchasing/adopting a horse from her, direct them towards this blog. The only way to stop “BAD” rescues is to speak up! All of the hearings are open to the public in regards to support and media. FEEL free to attend and bring your media friends.

    • What you said is true to an extent. But the other truth is if ALL the people who had issues with this rescue came forward with their evidence to the media and stood in front of the camera wouldn’t that bring light to this topic?

      Of Course also isn’t it true that the agency that is supposed to look over big animals called LAPS has had shall we say lapses in judgment?

      It isn’t true that the media is only interested in dogs, although they are an easier coverage topic

  7. I guess she thinks that if she runs away to another state that she wont get sued. smh.

  8. maybe lunatic will hire basciano and kristy haughs and run this new fake rescue and kill horses together. poor horses.

  9. One rescue after another fails, and the horses are harmed. For The first time I am reading about someone who buys, prepares, and plans for the arrival of horses. After the emotional toll it took to dedicate 2 years and more than 60 hours a week mucking stalls, donating every dime I could spare, etc., I pray that this rescue is operated responsibly and intelligently. Please don’t turn into a horder’s shop.

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