just like in country living magazine!

As seen at The Smithfield Barn today. A very cool old hall tree in yellow. My guess on age? End of 19th into beginning of 20th century. And yes…sigh…it was sold pending pick-up:


Do any of you subscribe to Country Living Magazine? Check out page 82 of the October, 2013 issue. That hall tree is a restored relative!

In my humble opinion, very cool!


6 thoughts on “just like in country living magazine!

    • It’s not a Hoosier but a cousin and it is AWESOME! I have always wanted a Hoosier but have never had the room. This cupboard is really cool and all the doors and drawers seem to work. It was still available yesterday and from what I recall the price was a steal!

  1. So awesome, this is actually my hall tree! My friend bought it for me as a wedding gift! I went to look up the address of the barn so I can pick it up and this was the first hit on google. This awesome piece is going to a good home where it will be loved every day 🙂

    • Yay!! Kristin told me it was a present for someone! I loved it! I was at the barn the day it came in.

      We had one growing up that came from great grandparents in Lancaster, PA. It went from my mother to my cousin who passed away and I now have no idea who in the family has it. I have always loved them! Enjoy it!!!!

  2. love this idea, I found one for 150.00 ! that’s a amazing price. I don’t think they know what they have :] vintage and totally unique ! also love the wallpaper in the country living magazine.

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