spell check anyone?


Now I know my friend Ann will have a giggle over this.  She and I have fun at places like Giant when display signs and posters printed by Giant’s marketing people are wrong.

This is in Malvern Patch today.  I am sorry to be picayune but ummm they are supposedly media and this is supposedly posted by an editor and the dude can’t spell check a headline?


Mind you I do not pretend to have perfect spelling but I am not passing myself off as hyper local media. Maybe AOL Patch with all their woes can no longer afford spellcheck? Or is it spell check?

This was done by the new (and invisible) editor of Malvern Patch.  Gone are the days when actual Malvern and Malvern-area news is reported.  It is pretty sad, actually.

This editor always has typos. But OMG in an obituary headline?

Can’t an editor get a dictionary?


5 thoughts on “spell check anyone?

  1. Diest is a city in Belgium, and since capitalized in it’s usage, may have very well been passed by a spell checker. I’m always reminded when seeing a situation such as this one that spell check isn’t a substitute for proof reading ………

  2. In the Daily Local (9/20) Weekender supplement there is an item titled the “Kennett Symphony’s search for a new condutor begins”.

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