all aboard the crazy train at the chester county SPCA?


Ok look I won’t even pretend I know what is going on, but when sources send me this photo what am I to think? When I hear of volunteers being “fired”, and police coming to the shelter when board members are there, what am I to think? Is this how the new Executive Director comports herself? Is this how they run animal shelters Philly-style? Wasn’t she at PASPCA too?

I am NOT a volunteer of the Chester County SPCA or affiliated with them. I hate to have to mention this once wonderful organization in a negative light again. But as someone who watched the last drama over the land deal unfold, and then was so excited when State Senator Andy Dinniman came in with folks to get the shelter back in shape, I have grave concerns for the future, don’t you ?

Answer me this: when did it all become power and politics and no longer about the animals?

Oh also check out the article in The Daily Local.

I am very sad about this. Drama and nonsense could kill this shelter and I have to wonder if letting people in who some considered problematic at the PASPCA was a huge mistake?

Here is hoping someone can unravel this hot mess, right?

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  1. A dog lost her life yesterday – a death that could have, and should have, been prevented. If there aren’t enough staff to keep watch over a dog that has had surgery – hire more staff, quit telling volunteers they are no longer welcome, and let Delaware County take care of their own dogs to help keep the population in the CCSPCA shelter manageable. CCSPCA takes in Del Co dogs – and then Del Co brings up cute little puppies from the south that they adopt out – netting an adoption fee. If they have room to bring up these pups – they have room to take the dogs found in their county. I’ve heard from many how CCSCPA takes offense at comments from rescuers – and then finds these rescuers no longer a viable option to help place the dogs in their care. Throwing away valuable resources (rescuers) because you don’t like their point of view? How about listening to what they have to say, politely agreeing or disagreeing, and getting back to work placing the dogs – utilizing these same rescuers that might have a different point of view than you? The point is the dogs – not anyone’s egos. Makes me very said that these politics continue – and as yesterday proved – at the cost of a sweet little life.

    • Are you talking about the dog that came back from the spay place without an “Elizabethan” collar and ate its stitches? That was not the SPCAs fault is it? They rushed it to a vet when it came off transport but it had caused more damage on itself than could be patched up and isn’t THAT really the truth? Look obviously there are deep problems at the SPCA but you can’t just wave a magic wand can you? what about the board at war with itself and aggressive board members who act like cowboys? Do I think the current executive director is handling things well? From the outside and given she is from the PASPCA, I am very, very suspicious and I am not alone in opinion am I?

  2. Ccspca is a disaster. Animals are at the mercy of the same person who freaked out & called the police over a non- issue. The board is headed by a man who is trying to buy shelter-owned property on the cheap for development by his own company. Animals there are subject to neglect & even death. And that is the tip of the iceberg!

    • Why don’t you go to the source? Ask those that run the shelter who take the heat every day. The animals come first and that’s what those who work there care about.

  3. A beautiful pup lost her life this weekend – something that could have, and should have, been prevented. If the shelter doesn’t have enough staff or volunteers to keep an eye one a dog that just had surgery, quit taking dogs from Del Co. Del Co now transports cute little puppies up from the south – and attains the adoption fee – while Chester County wrestles with too many dogs and too little resources. CCSPCA should stop getting rid of volunteers and rescuers. If someone makes a comment you don’t like – politely agree or disagree – and continue working with them. Not everyone will agree on how you do things – it doesn’t mean you should throw those valuable resources away (volunteers and rescuers).

    • Listen sweets this is MY blog so do NOT presume to tell me how to respond. If you want to, you can stand up and voice your concerns under your real name to proper authorities. I am disgusted with all this crap with the SPCA but I still believe you can’t blame them for everything. I have been polite with my disagreeing thus far.

      • My apologies – I was not attempting to tell you how to respond. I think you are referring to the statement about the comments, and “politely agree or disagree – and continue ….”? If so, I meant the SPCA should not take such offense to comments made – and continue to work with those who volunteer. I had absolutely no issue with your blog or your responses – and was happy to see someone post who might be able to shed some light on what is going on. Again, my apologies.

  4. When you start telling your volunteers to leave, you are creating an army of enemies. Volunteers are a core donation base. Most give monetarily as well as their time. They have every right to comment and express their suggestions and concerns. Animal rescue is a passion and lord knows there is not always a lot of money to be made. That passion is what saves animals, not self preservation. When positions have to be refilled more than once in a couple of months, that is scapegoating and not working together toward a common goal.
    Everyone knows but doesn’t want to admit that the contract with Delco is causing a lot of the problems. The dog kennel is packed with no open kennels that were designed for dogs to relieve themselves. If volunteers are being asked to leave, who is walking them. They had the choice to say no to DELCO and their donor critics have the right to express that animals in their community are being compromised. You can’t be a No _Kill nation without enough places to house animals…shame on DELCO. But when Chester County starts looking for their violin serenade to we are doing the best we can with what we are faced.. I say “you are free to choose but you are not free from the consequence of your choice”

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