the in-between season


Looking at my garden today, I realized it’s here: the in-between season.

The in-between season is neither winter nor spring. It’s just in-between. Right now we see the snow receding, and the land is scarred from this winter’s weather.

Of course, this winter’s weather might not be over yet. We have had plenty of years where it actually did snow around St. Patrick’s Day and into April.

I know, I know, bite my tongue. Well from your lips to God’s ears but I am not counting on anything especially during the in-between season.

Once the temperatures consistently rise, I think we are going to have a real mud season too.

As I was looking at my newly redefined woods today I thought I would sow them with wild flower seeds this year. The tree canopy is so opened up that there is enough light for a lot of wild flowers and well, I would love to have more wild flowers in the woods.

I see the little green tips of things here and there and soon (hopefully) all those hundreds of bulbs I planted will start to appear.

I have made one wood chip mountain disappear. Hopefully tomorrow I will resume my chip spreading. I can be a klutz and I banged my foot against a furniture leg and as a result am a bit gimpy today.

People have been asking about my wood chips. Yes, they are somewhat raw and from the ice damaged trees. Yes, I know the debate here. Yes, that includes the whole thing about taking nitrogen out of the soil.

I don’t use this kind of mulch every year. But part of what I am chipping is bare ground where nothing much grows but weeds. These wood chips are being placed ON the soil and not IN the soil. My chips are hardwood only and a couple inches at that. And yes, I have done this before.

Enjoy the ducks. They make me smile .