usps they deliver for who?


We have an awesome mail carrier. But I think the actual post office he is out of has issues. Frazer, PA in the shopping center to be precise.

We have had packages opened and resealed when they ended up being boring things like the vitamins I sometimes have to get delivered by mail because as a breast cancer survivor of a hormone driven breast cancer I need to take vitamins that don’t contain soy or other phytoestrogens and it is hard to find them at chain drugstores regularly. We have had things just not get delivered. We got a Christmas card written shortly after Thanksgiving the first weekend in March.

When something is damaged our delivery guy makes sure he speaks with us and doesn’t just leave it. Again, he is awesome and conscientious. But when we have to call Frazer and speak with Cranky the office manager it’s a different story.

Cranky is the perfect civil service type. He has his little fiefdom there and extends himself to no one, especially women. I used to think my difficult experiences were just me, except if you call the Malvern Post Office to see if they can help you and avoid Cranky they laugh almost…even they get it.

The first time I had to deal with this Cranky on a misdirected package, the first thing out of his mouth was not how can he help but rather did I try the website. And every time I have to call, he is the only one who ever answers the phone and he always says the same thing, or occasionally he says something borderline rude or even sexist. Bottom line? He never goes out of his way. If you can get to the actual postmaster you can get help when you need it and he is very nice, but this Cranky is just perpetually cranky.

I find that frustrating. My old post office wasn’t perfect, but they actually attempted customer service at the post office branch level. Face it , after you try to either get a live person if you call the toll free number of the United States Postal Service or attempt via their convoluted website how to send an e-mail if you have a problem, you would naturally think it would be so much simpler to just call your local post office, right? Face it, most of us operate under the delusion that the postal service is still that folksy place where people who live in your neighborhood work.


They lose and mutilate mail. Stuff gets pinched and when you have the temerity to actually call them, you get attitude. It’s not just things that come through Frazer Post Office, it happens all over. I don’t get how we can have nice actual mail carriers and the office people aren’t . They aren’t out in the elements, they are in the offices. They aren’t the one delivering mail when the rain is beating down.

Today I realized something I had ordered had not arrived. So I tracked the package. The tracking said it had been delivered March 13, only I was home and I never received it. So where was it? And guess what happened when I called the post office actual office and got Cranky for a change? He asked me if I had used the website to track my package!

I had had enough today so today I pushed back. Yes I was snippity because I had checked the website and THAT is why I called. You know to see if I could file a lost package report or something?

So I just have to ask: when the United States Postal Service runs their multi-million dollar advertising campaigns stressing customer service and that slogan “We Deliver for You” I always think it should be “USPS, They Deliver for Who?”

And again, I want to make it abundantly clear that our regular letter carrier is awesome. It is the office Cranky and the problems with packages and mail I am less than enthused with.

I don’t order much. I don’t order super expensive or frivolous things. I think I should get what I pay to have delivered and also get packages that are un-opened.

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  1. The Downingtown post office is very similar except that my mail carrier is not friendly. When we first moved here we had our car parked too close to the mailbox so he left a note for us saying to leave more room so he can drive his truck to the mailbox. That wouldn’t be a problem but he didn’t deliver our mail that day! Only that note! The next day we had a rubber banded group of mail that he skipped the day before along with our new loose mail.

    Also we had a Mail hold around Christmas for a few days where we asked them to hold the mail at the post office. When we came back we had no mail. The manager said maybe the carrier delivered it and to check. We had nothing at home and when we called the next day the manager we spoke to wasn’t really a manager. She was only filling in for the day and she wrote noting down for the real manager. The manager said she’d look into it and call us back but she never did.

    For about a week we got no where and missed the week worth of mail. Finally one day we got all our mail. When we called they said that they held our mail accidentally because they mixed us up with another house.

    In short your experience isn’t uncommon. It’s no wonder why the post office is going out of business. Maybe their union protects the incompetent so we all have to deal with the poor service.

    • The union they have is more appropriately known as the Merit Systems Protection Board.

  2. So true….a couple counter guys are super at frazer but the undercurrent of the operation is definitely a Do Not Bother Us with your Petty Problems mantra. You can sense it right away. I really dislike the mail order packages that go UPS to the local PO and then get delivered by the mail carrier, it can sit for days at the PO. Why does UPS do that? Just deliver the darn package to the home and skip the post office!

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