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Maybe I am post -surgical cranky, but I want to hear from State Senator Andy Dinniman and others on this.

I just had a WTF moment when a friend of mine texted me to let me know that the Chester County SPCA fired her (again) today. And oh yeah, they used the West Goshen Police Department to do it.

I am about to almost use a bad word: BULLSH*T

Once you get past the whole how-do-you-fire-volunteers of it all, I am stuck with how is it the Chester County SPCA continues to use a local police force like their own private security detail?????? (And yes my friend gave me one of the badge numbers but I am not disclosing this here as it is not the officer’s fault.)

Who is paying for this??? Are taxpayers/residents of West Goshen and Chester County on the hook for this misuse of municipal resources ???

I am completely and utterly disgusted. I hope the media eats the Chester County SPCA for breakfast. I hear some of the media is already working on stories.

I mean how can you get “people and animals together” when you keep using the local police as bouncers to fire volunteers?

And I thought it was bad when they used the police the last time…but two police cars to confront a woman????? REALLY????

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  1. Maybe you should check the other side of the story with the West Goshen PD and the CCSPCA before you start commenting. The West Goshen PD does not frivolously perform their duties for the community. But I doubt that you will allow my comments to post.

    • I don’t have to post your comments, you are correct and you act like it is your divine right. Which is why I don’t always publish your comments. Let me bottom line it: I know more than you think I do and a local police department does not exist to be the bouncer of a non-profit on the taxpayer’s dime.

      • It is your blog and it is your right to select whatever posts that you will allow. Much as I will defend your right to say whatever you wish, please understand that your readers also have opinions (assuming that they are not rude or name-calling) that deserve to be listened to and allowed for posting to be responded to and well as allowing other readers to respond to the comments.. I am sorry to hear about your recent operation as well as your mother’s open heart surgery. I am sure that it is hard for you and your mother to not be there for each other. I had open heart surgery back in December and have 5 more weeks of physical therapy to complete, but I feel so much better now and I wish the same for your mother and you. God bless both of you.

      • Thank you for your kind words about my mother. However, as for the rest of it, it is my blog and I decide what gets posted. Period. I don’t really care if people question my commentary, but the bottom line is if something hits me the wrong way for whatever reason I can and will bounce a comment.

  2. Told ya so . . . last year. This SPCA and LAPS needs to be shut down.

  3. dear writer:
    Can you tell us more about the incident. Was it Emily again. I know she gave her resignation but is she gone. Was it related to the dogs. Animal rescue is a passionate business and there must be severe circumstances to be risk being escorted out by the police.

    • I know nothing about the Executive Director other than she quit.

      Rescue might be a “passionate business” but they can’t use local police departments like bouncers at a bar.

      I know the person in question, and there would be nothing in her demeanor that would ever make anyone call the police. Two police cars on one little woman to me snacks of almost harassment doesn’t it? This was a dedicated, long-term volunteer. Not some head case.

      The Daily local and I think Inquirer are writing stories.

  4. As you stated Leslie was fired TWICE from the shelter..different board, different management team, but hmm.. same problem, same person. I am sure Ms Celia didn’t mention that she has been publicly bashing the shelter she pretends to support and is on record for stating her vigilante groups plan is to “shut down the shelter”. Nice move for alleged animal lovers yes? Perhaps she also didn’t mention she was REPEATEDLY asked to leave the shelter today and adamantly refused, so police had to be called. So who really wasted everyone’s time and taxpayers money today? What a shame the shelter has to deal with these ridiculous hypocrites instead of staying the course to help the animals of Chester County.

    • Checkyourego, you are one of those jackasses whose comments I publish just to show people the written embodiment of a jerk. I did not say who it was, you did. And FYI I could have mentioned Leslie’s name, I chose not to because it is the whole principal of the issue- that this non-profit which is SO out of control that if they can’t control volunteers any other way they use the police. Guess the new “code of conduct” containing a gag order isn’t working? Police that ordinary taxpayers pay for who have nothing to do with this drama. Leslie has never said she wants to “shut down the shelter” she has said she wants it to run properly in the best interests of the animals. Just out of curiosity were you the one who asked her to leave the shelter? Semantics but were the police called or were two cars waiting for her when she showed up to volunteer? When did that happen and if you have no problem with that what is your name? She is not a hypocrite, but you are. And a coward that you decide you should say what her name is yet try to hide behind the cloak of anonymity. And also just for the record, her group, which is one of the millions of animal rescue-centric groups on Facebook is NOT a vigilante group. I am part of it and I am not a vigilante. But you call it a vigilante group because it is closed to the scrutiny of the CCSPCA. Leslie doesn’t bash, either but she is expressing concern. I have to wonder if the SPCA should be shut down now. And FYI all these other “bad” volunteers are being welcomed with open arms by other rescue groups and actual no-kill shelters.

      FYI to my readers- this person came in with this email:

      And this IP address:

      The message here to everyone is along the lines of all volunteers should stop volunteering at the Chester County SPCA. And adopters beware because if they can’t control their own behavior how can you trust them to properly evaluate animals?

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