spring is in the air….


Spring has sprung!

Have you noticed? All of a sudden, overnight, the air is suddenly different. It’s somehow softer with that spring rain odor to the air that is almost indescribable, but somehow smells fresh and green.

The birds are back in the woods, and we even have a new addition: a pileated woodpecker. I haven’t taken his photo yet but I’m working on it!

All around me today the birds have been trilling and singing and the geese flying around in the background, honking. The Red tail Hawks have also been very active; swooping and circling, crying from treetops

It remains to be seen what actually survived this very harsh winter, but I’m hopeful I won’t have lost too much. The bulbs are starting to stick up all over from beneath their leafy winter blanket.

The crocuses are blooming like crazy, that is the photo you see here. I can’t wait for the peonies to reemerge!

The weather is slowly warming, and after this winter that’s a good thing.

Enjoy your evening!