saying no, asking for peace


I didn’t want to say anything, but I feel I must. I am NOT getting involved with the whole brew-ha-ha over Flash the beagle. Please STOP posting comments about THAT issue to my blog and the CCR Facebook page.

This is my blog and my page and I reserve the right to NOT be involved with every animal issue in the tri-state area. I am taking a break from dog rescue issues. I am tired of all the extremes of emotion and how nasty human beings are to one and other under the banner of saving animals.

I am sorry if that disappoints some of my readers, but please respect that I don’t want to be involved. Yes, that family is connecting all the dots when it comes to guerrilla social media tactics, but what is it they hope to accomplish by totally destroying a non-profit? And can it be said it is all well an good to say publicly on their page that they want people to be respectful but what happens out of the eyes of social media is different isn’t it?

Some might find this confusing, but let me make it simple: yes I have written about the Chester County SPCA’s issues a few times. However, I have never said I want the organization shut down and would not support such efforts. What I want for the CCSPCA is reform. I am hopeful with Pat Biswanger at the helm of their board it will happen.

I am not going to speak negatively of Main Line Animal Rescue. I am not going to speak negatively of Bill Smith. He has devoted his life to animals. I am NOT getting involved other than to say destroying a non-profit with a proven track record of saving at risk animals is wrong. Attacking people who chose to support this rescue is as wrong as attacking those who support rescues like the Chester County SPCA, Morris Animal Rescue, the Humane Society, the ASPCA, North Shore Animal League, Finding Shelter, ARC of the Hamptons and all the smaller pure-breed and cat rescues that work hard every day for animals.

I urge everyone involved here to calm down and try to work it out because big picture is if you support animal rescues and their missions you will try to work it out.

But I do not care to be a party to this negativity. I believe in animal rescue. Asking for reforms is one thing, destroying a good organization is entirely another. They are out for scorched earth, and that makes it about them, not the animals….even the dog they are protesting the removal of.

Thank you