gifts from the woods


Yesterday as I was preparing to dig a new perennial bed, I had some trimming to do on the edge of the woods.

We have this veritable thicket of forsythia on the edge of the woods and it was very overgrown and wild and rangy. Forsythia grows so fast that if you don’t trim it once in a while it gets out of control.

As I was cutting back the forsythia, I looked down and there, on the edge of the woods, was a Jack in the Pulpit.

I love my wildflowers and with the tree canopy of the woods having been opened up by the ice storm we are seeing all sorts of wildflowers we hadn’t seen, like the photo of the Bloodroot I posted the other day.

I know I talk a lot about gardening but it is just such a terrific thing to do. There are so many surprises Mother Nature has for us…like the gift of native wildflowers!