malvern barn sale this weekend!


Today I had the chance to preview a barn sale. It is the Smithfield Barn takes the show on the road barn sale. And it’s this weekend. The fine folks at the Smithfield Barn are helping these barn owners put on a sale to clean out their barn.

I picked up a couple cool treasures, and had a chance to see an 1800s tobacco barn up close.

The sale will be located at 120 Ashenfelter Rd. Malvern Pa 19335. Sale is Friday and Saturday 10-4. NO EARLY BIRDS.

The barn is right off of Whitehorse Road. Its a beautiful 1800 smaller barn filled with some great treasures including furniture, household items, garden items, antiques, boxes and trunks, and lots of tools! And it’s setting is absolutely gorgeous. The road is extremely pretty as well. If you like barns and old farmhouses you will love just taking the drive out to it.

One item I couldn’t take home with me today that I wish I had room for was a very cool vintage wood bench with cast-iron feet. With a little love and varnish on the wood it would be great on someone’s porch. While there I also saw a very cool old Philadelphia Phillies cap that had to be from the early 1950s.

Also of note was a vintage feather style tree that was actually about 4 feet tall, and some cool Christmas ornaments. Real feather trees and good vintage feather style trees are hard to come by and generally expensive. This one was not.

Anyway, I hope you will go visit the barn on the road.