picking stock at antiques for tourist prices

DSC_0034On a trip up into Lancaster County this past weekend we stopped at what from the outside appeared to be a promising antique and antique salvage place along Lincoln Highway in Parksburg called Pheasant Run Antiques. A giant bank barn with  architectural salvage displayed from the exterior.

The best part about this antique store was the creative way they merchandized a lot of things. Cute tableaus interspersed with salvage.

However, with no offense intended to the shopkeepers, I personally won’t stop twice. I do not like mostly picking stock priced at antiques for tourist prices.

Yes they have some architectural salvage, yes they have some primitives, but the merchandise is rough for the most part and all is quite over-priced comparatively speaking.

Antique show prices are more reasonable than what I saw.  And I also saw some stock that appeared to be reproduction (like a black metal possibly iron candle chandelier) , not antique and it wasn’t marked as such.

They advertise as having sale days “for the trade” (or other dealers), and maybe they swap and dicker with them for better pricing, but for what I saw there, I would rather keep on barn picking.

If you just want to go to educate your eye, they do have fun salvage to look at here and there.