3 thoughts on “all tuckered out….

  1. just wanted to follow up and let you know that we have finally reached an agreement with the PHMC and a blue commemorative marker will be placed in front of the White Horse Tavern on Saturady, Sept 13th at 1PM. While the sign will say Battle of the Clouds, it will reference the history of the tavern and barn.

    I’m sorry this has taken so long and wanted to at least make you aware of it. The ceremony will be small but I just thought I would make you aware of it in the event you cared to attend. Didn’t know if you’d get word of this- you posted photos of the barn (corner Planebrook and Swedesford Rd) some time ago. This is my ancestor’s barn and he was owner and tavern keeper at Sign of the White Horse.

    Thanks very much,
    Tim Caban
    East Whiteland Historical Commission

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