what do you think of adults who approve of cyber-bullying?

cyber-bullying-posterAs many know, I have been the victim of cyber bullies for a couple of months now.  Cyber bullying happens to adults as well as kids.  People have liked and commented on the cyber bullying, which is tantamount to approval, is it not?


People who are actual cyber bullies (as in doing it) are  individuals with serious issues who hide behind a keyboard.  They go well beyond First Amendment rights. People who like cyber bullying are sad people as well.

The objective of cyber bullying is to hurt.

I am a blogger.  I am also a writer.  My opinions vary from the opinions of many on occasion. It’s life.  I am being bullied not because of that but for a much more personal reasons.   In a nut shell, I am being bullied because I am happy and love my life and crazy as it sounds, I am being bullied by people who chose to leave my life . These people  don’t even live in Chester County and they don’t know and have never met the majority of the few who like their efforts.

imageSome of the few people who approve of what is being done to me live in Chester County, but have never met me.  A volunteer at the Chester County SPCA is one who has liked things (out of deference to my friend Pat who is President of the board at the CCSPCA I haven’t mentioned this person.)  A couple of folks who may or may not be involved with other animal rescues but did not like things I wrote are others. Some people who have liked things on this page are what can be described as innocently naive to a lot of what is social media and who had absolutely NO idea what they were “liking” at first and then were mortified when they figured it out.

A few of these people who support this page (and there aren’t many who actually do support the cyber bullying efforts) live in or around West Vincent. They think they are above the law and like to tell people they are “connected” and what does that mean other than they know a couple of local and limited politicians who will eventually be out of office in a small, rural, and dysfunctional municipality?  The reason these West Vincent related people dislike me is  because quite simply I stuck up with my friends who have been quite literally victimized by the politics and pious hypocrisy of a small cabal in that township.  That and I objected to things like eminent domain for private gain when it was discussed a few Christmases ago with regard to the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show. It makes me chuckle that these strangers consider themselves relevant to my life, because they simply aren’t.

pious hypocrites

These people have never met me. They have never had a conversation with me. Yet they “hate” me. Does it sound like middle school lunchroom bullying to you or is that just me? And the irony is participating on a cyber bullying site only hurts them, not me.

Cyber bullying however, is no joke. The difference between adults being cyber bullied and kids is that as an adult you have the ability to tune the noise out and to consider the source. As an adult you have the ability to discern that someone is mentally messed up, kids can’t necessarily do that as they don’t yet have the emotional maturity.

Cyber bullying is wrong. And there is a big difference between blogging and writing and cyber bullying someone.  As a breast cancer survivor I am made of tougher emotional stuff than others. So can I handle this ultimately? Yes, because these are mean people who don’t matter.  But the reality is that I am one of millions of children and adults being cyber bullied every day. So I decided to share this today. And the people who applaud this kind of harassment and egg it on are just as bad as those perpetrating the cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is indeed against the law. I choose to ignore my bullies for the most part because they only want attention, and yes they exhibit stalker-like behavior (think Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction only far less polished).  They have this twisted obsession when it comes to me which shows their mental state, unfortunately.  And I have indeed had feedback from law enforcement about this as well as mental health professionals.  It’s sad, but their issues are their own, not mine.

Take a stand against cyber bullying and cyber harassment and cyber stalking. And if it could happen to me, it can happen to you. Or your kids.

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