indoor gardening season begins!

So I had this pot of ivy. I had started it from cuttings from last year’s ivy and it had been growing wild all summer in the back garden on a table. I know my days are numbered on what I can bring inside, and so is my space. So while I didn’t have room for a totally wild pot of ivy, I could make room for a pretty topiary.

I started by repotting the Ivy. It was slightly root-bound in the pot it had lived in all summer.

I then grabbed two hangers that were wire that were back from a recent dry cleaning visit. I used pliers to pull them in the shape I wanted them, and I undid the hanger hook part and made it straight.

I stuck them in the pot I had moved the ivy to. I used a combination of clear fishing line and some florist’s wire to anchor them together.

I then began the process of winding the long strands of ivy around the form I had created. Here and there are used little bits of florist’s wire to hold the ivy in place. But not a lot of tying down, because I have discovered over the years that if you allow the plant to be a little more loose and natural it’s better on the topiary.

It took a while, and a little patience, but still was relatively easy to do. And I have not made a topiary like this in years. I’m pretty pleased with the result!

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