ciabatta: save your money


Chef Gordon Ramsay or Chef Robert Irvine would have an absolute field day with Ciabatta in Malvern. We just had the pleasure of paying for among the worst delivery meals we have ever had.

I admit it, I am picky when it comes to eating out in any form because I like to cook. But this was seriously some of the worst food I’ve ever had. And it was not inexpensive.

We ordered a pizza, Lobster Ravioli, and Fettuccine Alfredo with crab. With tip it was a $50 delivery.

The pizza is photographed above. That was what it looked like with “extra” cheese. It had the consistency of a cardboard frisbee meets a hockey puck. It was overcooked, oversalted, and ended up mostly in the trashcan. The lobster ravioli and the fettuccine arrived as gelatinous and virtually flavorless lumps.

Seriously, I put a fork in the fettuccine and I was able to lift the entire meal out of the plastic like it was a lollipop. Even the little bits of garlic bread include it with the pasta entrées were virtually flavorless. Pasta dishes like we ordered are supposed to have a sauce that is thick but the sauces should flow. It is also supposed to have some flavor to it, and the seafood should always be very fresh.

We have tried this place before and we kept wanting to give it another chance. But this is definitely a takeout and delivery menu we are throwing away.

Truly, I hate to be mean about a local business, but I am at a loss how in 2013 they were the Best of the Main Line and Western Suburbs courtesy of Main Line Today and voted Best of the Best in 2014 by County Lines Magazine. They have the customer service part down as they are unfailingly pleasant and their delivery people are very nice. The food is just bad. Or maybe it’s inconsistent and every time we order it’s bad.

Ciabatta is the perfect place in desperate need of a makeover. Calling Chefs Ramsey and Irvine…..


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  1. I have no dog in this fight, but is it possible that it’s just the time elapsed during the delivery that’s hurting the food? Have you eaten at the actual restaurant? I can easily imagine sauce in pasta congealing a bit during a delivery, particularly if it’s cold outside.

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