pnc bank is so disliked web pages are devoted to them and not in a good way.


I never knew until today that there were entire websites devoted to hating and bashing PNC Bank. There are things like PNC Sucks , a whole slew of complaints on Consumer Affairs and RipOff Report.

I also realized today that I am still waiting for the “retail escalation specialist” Tracy St. Clair from PNC Bank to return a phone call.

I had contacted the bank at the end of December 2014 after a couple of frustrating occurrences. Actually I had contacted them about one of the other occurrences prior to this date.

First there was the joy of walking into a PNC Bank branch to open a business checking account. Only to be told as an existing customer check in hand that I had to come back on another day. If they advertise that they are full-service how come they are not a full-service bank? That account went elsewhere and the commercial banking twerp I was put on the phone with that day spend the next couple of days arguing with me via e-mail and then checking out my LinkedIn profile. Very professional.

Then shortly after Christmas before the end of the year I paid off my credit card with them. It wasn’t a huge balance, but I paid it off in it’s entirety. I paid it off via their online banking system that told me the exact amount I needed to pay to pay it off that moment in time and have it be paid off. Only I came back to check the account and discovered an obnoxious after the fact finance charge. I understand the theory of debt and interest rates, but when a bank tells you via its own system what you need to completely pay a balance off right then and there that should be the end of it.

I tried calling PNC on December 31, 2014. After being stuck on the phone for about 40 minutes at two different times in the day without speaking to a real person, I went and contacted them via social media. I was in short assured I was valued as a customer and sure enough the first week of January 2015 I received a letter dated December 31, 2014 from Tracy St. Clair retail escalation specialist. She provided a toll-free number of 877–631–8998 and an extension. I called her, and I’m still waiting for the return phone call and in between the first week in January and now I’ve contacted PNC for their social media customer service again and they assured me almost exactly a month ago that Ms. St. Clair would be calling me.

For me it is the principle of the thing. Don’t advertise that you are customer friendly and small depositor friendly when you really don’t give a crap about your customers on a retail level.

I don’t think PNC consistently makes an effort towards customers any longer unless you are a multimillionaire captain of industry.

This of course makes me sad because I have had a PNC Bank account since my college years. But I want to financial institution that is with you through thick and thin and you don’t seem to have that in this country much at all. I know PNC and the casual disregard of customers is not an unusual occurrence.

If you have any complaints about PNC or any other bank feel free to post a comment.

Thanks stopping by.

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  1. Over the las 50 years of dealing with banks all over the country, and the world, I have found that they never fail to disappoint. They are ALL bullies. The tin can in the back yard sounds better more and more. My overseas bank is sadly better than any stateside bank, airlines also.

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