that crazy circle of life


Life is funny in the way it brings great people back into your life. Some say it is the universe rewarding you, but I think it just fate and dumb luck and a case of you just never know.

So yesterday I found out that a childhood friend and his brothers were making a quick pit stop in Pennsylvania for their little sister’s wedding. Ok first thought is don’t I feel old, I was one of her and her sister’s first babysitters. Yes, I first met her as not much more than a toddler. Then I promptly got all misty eyed.

Then last evening after dinner company had gone home I was cruising through timelines to check out the wedding photos. They were terrific photos and it obviously was such a beautiful day! But then I caught a name I had not heard in over 20 years.

“It couldn’t be”, I thought. But it was. A woman my much younger self had been friends with and known through a roommate long ago. Just one of those people who was so much fun to be around and I always remembered her.   She was one of the first people from Chester County I met as an adult and became friends with as well. We go back so far that we used to meet up at Lion’s Share on 100 when it wasn’t a diner!

Life ended up taking us in different directions, she moved for a few years, and we lost touch. But I always remembered her, and her grandmother used to live not far from where I used to live on the Main Line.

So anyway, this woman I used to know was the Godmother and Aunt of the young man marrying my friend’s baby sister! The world doesn’t get much smaller than that!

Through the blessing in the curse of the social media I was able to contact my old friend, and this morning we sat on the phone for a long time like the 20 somethings we used to be. The years melted away and we played Cliff Notes version of catch-up and it was pretty cool.

As it ends up we have been living not so far away from each other for a few years now.  And we’re going to get together soon and continue the game of catch up as well as getting to know each other in the stage of our lives.

Anyway, it was a cool life comes full circle moment that I thought I would share. 

Have a great Sunday!