slow learners opening in bryn mawr

I don’t generally post about movies. But I loved this one and have seen it twice and it has it’s hometown opening in Bryn Mawr this weekend at Bryn Mawr Film Institute:

Slow Learners

Starts Friday, September 4!

Limited Screenings

Closed Captioning available · (NR) USA – 1 hr 36 – digital

2015 · d. Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce OFFICIAL SITE 

Starring Adam Pally, Sarah Burns, Reid Scott

Hometown filmmakers Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce (Art of the Steal, Rock School) codirect this wicked romantic comedy about two friends unskilled in the world of romance. Jeff (Adam Pally) and Anne (Sarah Burns) embark on a bawdy, party-fueled journey in the hopes of trading their awkward dispositions for heartbreaking hipness.

Co-director Sheena M. Joyce (The Art of the Steal, Rock School) will be at BMFI on Friday, September 4 for a Q&A after the 7:00 pm screening.

Following the 7:00 pm screening on Saturday, September 5, producers Tammy Tiehel-Stedman and Jamie Lokoff will be in attendance for a Q&A. Tiehel-Stedman, a native of the Philadelphia area, won an Oscar for Live Action Best Short Film at the 2000 Academy Awards. Lokoff co-owns Milkboy with fellow Slow Learners producer Tommy Joyner.

Friday, September 4 7:00pm Q&A · 9:45pm

Saturday, September 5 7:00pm Q&A · 9:45pm

Sunday, September 6 7:00pm

Monday, September 7 7:00pm

Tuesday, September 8 8:00pm

Wednesday, September 9 8:00pm

Thursday, September 10 4:45pm

Go to Bryn Mawr Film Institute Website for their page on Slow Learners .

It is a sweet movie which is also smart and funny….and set in Media! I love downtown Media so that was a treat. But the characters are was hooked me into the movie. They are wonderful, and I bet you will find one to identify with.

I will admit I have a built in bias because I know the producers who are also the dynamic duo behind MilkBoy Coffee and MilkBoy Recording/MilkBoy The Studio. But you know what? The movie is terrific! Jamie Lokoff and Tommy Joyner have hit a home run with this project!

If you don’t believe me that this is well worth seeing, read THIS.

If you have FiOs you can also rent this on demand.


Starring: Adam Pally, Sarah Burns, Reid Scott, Catherine Reitman, Kate Flannery & Bobby Moynihan

Sex, drugs, and…book clubs? High school guidance counselor Jeff (The Mindy Project’s Adam Pally) and his co-worker and best friend Anne (Enlightened’s Sarah Burns) are anything but cool. Their terminally unhip ways (he’s in an all-male book club, she’s diagnosed by her doctor as “clinically abstinent”) have left them perpetually single. Tired of being alone, they vow to shed their nerdy ways and find love during one wild summer of drinking, partying, and (hopefully) getting lucky. But when you go from dyed-in-the-wool dork to cool and confident overnight, things are bound to go awry… Reid Scott (Veep), Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live), and Kate Flannery (The Office) co-star.