collecting: shipping breakables

This is why you have to be so careful when you’re shipping breakables.

 I love Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates. I collect them and I use them. Some people like to hang them on their walls, but I checked with the Royal Copenhagen company and you actually can use them as luncheon or hors d’oeuvres plates as the glaze is safe and not containing lead. (They were very funny they sent me photos of the plates being used with cheeses and pickled herring on them!)

I bought these from a dealer on eBay and they did not use a large enough box or the proper packaging to send me the plates.  They also did not remove the plate hanging wires from the plates. I am fortunate only one broke.

Now I fully understand they did the best they could and this was an accident, but there is a takeaway  lesson on this. It is better to go up a size in boxes and pay a little extra postage then run the risk of having something break. 

Now mind you, sometimes packages just get manhandled and there’s nothing you can do about it. But the case with this box was it arrived in perfect condition, it was simply too small with insufficient packaging around each plate.

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