garden additions

Above are three cultivars of daylilies that I am adding this season. Cranberry Baby is a little re-blooming daylily that is going into pots with the small hostas pictured in below photo.

It’s simple: I have a lot of garden to care for so I am trying to simplify where I can.  I have decided that pots that can remain out year round are getting planted with perennials mostly. That way I have consistency and don’t have to plan out these pots every year, they are done.  I will have to refresh the soil and possibly split the perennials, but their design will be set.

My garden seems to have come through the odd winter ok, and I will be planting onions and shallots in with my perennials and roses in the garden beds. I will use them in cooking as they grow, but they also are a deterrent of certain pests like aphids.

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