haunted house of francis avenue in berwyn?


Driving around with my friend Catherine today doing the super amazing Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust house tour, we stumbled upon this crazy desolate looking house in Easttown Township.  It looks like it sits on a couple of acres and I think the address is 218 Francis Avenue, Berwyn.

It could be empty or someone could be living there.  It looks like a haunted house.  There is a chain across the driveway with a bunch of old trash cans and a sign that says “Beware of the Dog” only there are no signs of life.  To the right of the house is some sort of boarded up stable or garage – hard to tell from the street.

It sparks the imagination and would be perfect for an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

If anyone has infomation about this house which seems like it was built in early 1900s, please post.  It was probably a beautiful house in it’s day.


Please note disparaging comments received regarding my photographing this house from a public street made me decide to post directly from Easttown’s website list of current applications:

7 thoughts on “haunted house of francis avenue in berwyn?

  1. Carla- I don’t believe it’s haunted, the person who lived there died and the lot along with Mack Oil are likely to be developed, it is in process with the township. It sits on 3 acres and the plan is for the house to be rehabbed. I think that the condition of the sale is that it not be demolished.

    • That is very welcome news! I am glad to hear that. It’s a house with beautiful bones! Thank you for the information! I wish there were photos of it when people first lived in it – it would be cool to see what the gardens and so on once looked like. The development around it now is a little hodge podge, so hopefully whatever happens brings some cohesiveness.

    • PS if s condition of sale is home not be demolished, it needs some attention sooner rather than later to avoid demolition by neglect, don’t you agree?

  2. I think you are overstepping your bounds by taking photos of what could be someone’s private home and posting them freely on your blog. It’s really none of your business whether someone lives there or not as it is not your property, or your neighborhood, to judge. Go back to Westtown.

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