the “art” of gardening

I have a gardening group that’s growing by leaps and bounds. Which makes me happy because I love to garden, and love looking at the gardens of others, and talking about gardens. 

I do not pretend to know everything. I am constantly learning. I think gardening is good for the soul and head in part because if you garden, you are always learning.

I have beds on all four sides of our house. The philosophy is simple: I want flowers everywhere. I am going for four seasons of interest and the late Suzy Bales (who was amazing gardener and garden writer who sadly passed away last spring) inspired me to that. She is not the only gardener or garden writer who has inspired me over te years, but she will always be one of my favorites because what she wrote about speaks to me still.

My current garden is pieces of every garden I have ever had, combined with elements I have admired in other gardens. I draw a lot of inspiration from English and Irish cottage gardens, truthfully.

With a few exceptions I have planted it all myself. Except for things I physically can’t do, I maintain my garden myself. Gardening makes me happy.

You get out of your garden what you put into it. A good garden is the result of trial and error, and what defines a good garden is simple: it makes YOU happy.

For me personally, given the knee injury I have been dealing with for several weeks at this point, this will be the year that tests my garden. But the up shot is I have done basically the majority of the planting, so maintenance will be the key. And hopefully I can find help for that until I am healed.

When you are putting your own garden together, it’s kind of like decorating your house – you draw inspiration from lots of places. Make a garden inspiration board on Pinterest- Pinterest is loaded with gardening stuff! I actually love using Pinterest for garden related things – it is so easy to create a virtual cork board of ideas.

In part that is why I created a gardening group and write about gardening is I believe gardeners inspire each other. And somewhere along the way when you least expect it, you develop your own gardening style.

My gardening style includes garden elements – bird baths, a stone path to dress up a hard to make look pretty area, seating areas, and so on. I also love the idea of creating “nooks”.

I love color and texture and how plants “fit” together. I love that you can plant almost anything in a pot, so it is not just about the garden beds. I love the smells and sounds of the garden and how nature rewards you when you plant.

Gardening is art, and trust me everyone has it in them to create their own artistic oasis. 

Happy gardening.

2 thoughts on “the “art” of gardening

  1. Are you on Its a pretty cool website I have learned alot on it, but I do not have a green thumb.

    Btw, I look at cool houses for sale as a hobby, everywhere in the Delaware Valley, and I found 2 in the Longwood/Pocopson area that are noteworthy.

    One is the Pennsbury Inn (a bed and breakfast) 883 Baltimore Pike, Chadds Ford, 8 bedrooms, 8 acres, 800,000. Near Longwood Gardens.

    Second is 22 Fern Hill Rd. Kennett Square (also close to Longwood Gardens), a modern retro unique house. There is an elevated pool and poolhouse and a fantastic driveway through the woods. The spiral staircase inside is ridiculous. Worth a look. 925,000.

    Fans of the Wyeths might like to know that 1421 Baltimore Pike aka Painter’s Folly built in 1857 is still for sale with a price now of 795,000. Howard Pyle lived there, NC Wyeths mentor. It was listed before at 995,000.

    • Yes I do look at sometimes. As for the real estate, sure that’s nice, thanks for sharing

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