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Today, many of you will be bored. I’m not writing about anything exciting. I am writing about the everyday, the mundane. I am writing about dishes left in the sink overnight.

I think when you grow up you come from one of two camps: those who clean up the kitchen in it’s entirety at the end of every day, and those who leave things in the sink for the next day. I definitely grew up in the former category.

The photo above is not bad because trust me, I have come down some mornings to find both sinks filled to the brim with dishes, drowning in water that flops over to the counter because the water level is that high in the sink.

My sweet man will tell you I am obsessed about dishes in the sink. Maybe I am, maybe I am not. I think it all depends on what camp you were raised in – those who leave dishes in the sink overnight and those who do not.

I think sometimes however, I just have a crazy clean Italian gene. I love to cook, but I hate kitchen mess. Some people are perfectly comfortable with sinks full of dishes. Ask anyone in my house and they will tell you it quite literally makes me twitch. Maybe that’s because I did so much of the cleaning up of the kitchen growing up.

Growing up I was my mother’s favorite party help because she know if she told me to clean up the dishes I would. My sister would evaporate, literally. My parents would have the dinner party, and if we were around, we cleaned up. Or more specifically, me, because usually it was me.

It sort of became my de facto place during holiday meals – I would go into the kitchen to clean up because I knew I was going to have to, anyway. And it’s funny I still do the same things today as an adult in my own home. I love to cook, I love to have people over for dinner, but it’s like I twitch unless I clean up the kitchen.

What kitchen camp do you come from?

Thanks for stopping by, i’m going to go clean up my kitchen now 😂

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  1. My answer is it depends. I’ll leave crusted on items to sit overnight softening up in sudsy water, but that’s the only thing. I hate waking up to having to clean up dishes unless we had guests. I let things sit until they leave. Otherwise I’m a clean as you go kinda girl. I have to have a clean kitchen before cooking. It comes from working in a lab, and growing up with a postage stamp sized kitchen. . My husband does most of the cooking but I am his soux chef which serves a two fold purpose. First off, I get to spend time with him, and secondly, I keep things from catching fire. He’s like Mister Magoo in the kitchen. I have to move flammables out of the way as he cooks and we talk.

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