flooding on schuykill in gladwyne

From Gladwyne Civic Association (including photos):

River Road is closed-it will be closed all day! Coast Guard reports that River will not truly crest until 10:30am, so the worst is yet to come. Photos below are from this morning. DO NOT DRIVE INTO ANY WATER!


I have friends who live on BOTH sides of the river here – Gladwyne and Philadelphia side.

I think municipalities in South Eastern PA need to redefine “hundred year storms” and so on. This is climate change in action. We used to only get these storms and downpours once in a while and now it’s like they are becoming a far too common occurrence.

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  1. I just came back from riding (or trying to ride) the Schuylkill River Trail and Perkiomen Trail from Pawlings Trailhead. The Perkiomen Trail is closed about a mile north of Station Ave and has many flooded sections to that point. Trail full of turtles, crayfish, and regular fish! On the SRT side, much the same – from silt line on plants water was several feet deep over the trail and I saw a (dead) 20 inch fish several hundred feet from the river. On a positive note, can confirm that Spotted Lantern Flies can’t swim – the flooded sections were full of drowned nymphs. Stay safe – I’m riding a bike that is equipped to ride in extreme conditions but I stick to still and not flowing water!!

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