do we really have to have more protests now?

I am sure this will be an unpopular post. I expect people will call me unpleasant names. I expect people will think I am being non-supportive. That is their right but that is not the truth.

I have friends and family stuck next to Ground Zero in Center City Philadelphia where the protests that started peacefully over the weekend ended up violent and destructive. A lot of us know people involved in businesses and buildings that were trashed.

Yesterday I met a really nice lady who is one of the workers at Penn Medicine in Radnor. She was at work doing her job while people watched her house somewhere in Philadelphia where these protesters had broken out her windows in her home. That struck a chord with me of the collateral damage here. I don’t know that I could have gone to work and left my home if somebody had broken out all the windows in the front. Protesters literally turned wherever she lives into a war zone.

As a nation we are in the grip of ugly things. Trying to combat racism once again and trying to get out of community lockdown status because of a global pandemic. Don’t people realize that these protests are probably going to cause spikes in #COVID-19?

I saw something in Patch today that says local police departments are “aware“ of this event but when you look at an Instagram screenshot that someone sent me it infers that they are behind it? So which is it? IF township police departments are part of this, why don’t they say so outright? And where does the Google form go to? Who is the keeper of your information?? (

Community Corner: Peaceful Protest Planned Along Main Line Thursday: Police

A peaceful protest is planned for Thursday morning and will begin in Wayne and end at the Paoli train station.

By Max Bennett, Patch Staff

Jun 2, 2020 1:46 pm ET | Updated Jun 2, 2020 9:12 pm ET

WAYNE, PA — A protest is planned in Radnor and Tredyffrin townships Thursday, according to police.
Radnor Township Police said they have been made aware of a peaceful protest planned for Thursday
According to organizers, the protest will begin at 11 a.m. at the Wayne train station.
The march will head along Lancaster Avenue with stops at the Strafford, Devon, and Berwyn train stations before ending at the Paoli train station…. The exact time and locations of the protest is unclear, according to Radnor officials. Patch will provide updates on protest specifics when they are made available

I have NO as in ZERO problem with peaceful protests but we do NOT live in peaceful times AND we are TRYING to get out from under a global pandemic and stay at home orders.

What is it people don’t get that there will be some sort of a spike in the virus if this protest occurs?

What is it people don’t get that the detractors who are causing the violence and mayhem follow these peaceful protests? Can our communities afford to take such risks?

With all due respect to the people organizing this I really wish you would rethink this AT THIS TIME. Timing is everything.

And that’s not to say that I am not happy to see that the Main Line is becoming more aware to the problems of racism which has been sort of deliberately invisible and I acknowledged through a lot of the Main Line history although it definitely exists.  I am truly happy to see this finally happening.

As a community, we can indeed and should indeed support peaceful efforts to bring about positive change. But given what happened in Philadelphia and across the country last weekend and into this week, please think twice about this at this time.

It’s just my opinion you can (again) think I am not being supportive, but that’s on you. I am supportive. And those who know me know I am supportive. But there are other things at play here and I think we have to take those into consideration.

That’s all. If you go, please be safe. And pay attention to the weather since a weather alert has been issued through Saturday.

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  1. While it is an unpopular opinion, I do agree wholeheartedly with you. Between the riots and the risk of the virus spreading, I don’t think protests are a good idea at this time.

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