life in the fast lane

🎼Life in the fast lane
Surely make you lose your mind
Life in the fast lane
🎼 ~ The Eagles

Woke up with that song in my head. And it made me laugh because it seemed like the perfect theme music to the absurdity of dealing with women in local social media groups.

2020 left the calendar wall dealing with the bless your heart church ladies. You were only ok if you thought their church’s proposed 12’ LED sign was a great idea. If you are against this plan, you are a bad person, discriminating against Christians everywhere and going to burn in hell apparently.

Here comes 2021 and we are here but a minute and already, and it’s a case of but wait there’s more….life in the land of women….

First come the fake news posting devoted social media handmaidens of Trump. Eternally hypocrites especially if you remember them way back when. They have been in a fever pitch of posting things daily, almost hourly some days. They post all the garbage that amounts to suborning anarchy and domestic terrorism, except it’s so ludicrous. So I wonder, after today will their plastic southern housing development secede from the Union? (It makes you wonder 😂)

Flash forward to yesterday when Nurse Ratched had to post in a gifting group her unasked for opinion on something and most people are still trying to figure out why she bothered and what was her point? A real ankle biter, she didn’t like it when a group admin (not me) shut her nastiness down in a place that is supposed to be nice. She spent the balance of the day spewing angry bull twaddle including telling us we were practicing “censorship.” It’s a closed, private group but she thinks she can just be out of control nasty? Alrighty then. So what does this mature enlightened being do? Copied and co-opted what is literally my intellectual property. Mazel tov my darling. Often imitated, never replicated and you are literally one flew over the cuckoo’s nest . And she’s “coming for me”? Over what? We (as in not just me) told her no? Oy vey.

Then when we thought the day couldn’t get any crazier comes Bunny Honey the Stepford development dweller. A local school district posted a COVID19 update. I shared their publicly posted update with no comment, just literally shared their release. Up rolls Bunny Honey full of righteous indignation and demanding my “rationale”. Ummm really? Sharing public information posted without comment, merely for the update it was intended to be by the originator (i.e. school district) requires rationale? Oh honey, stick to one dish casseroles. It’s safer .

And then there is the whopper. Someone contacted my blog. They were concerned what they saw posted in a “mom’s group” which was a woman looking for a venue to hold 100 people inside for a baby shower. Ironically, I was in the group but rarely went into it because of what was posted which swerved between abject drivel and complete lunacy presented as “medical advice”. The person did not know I was in the group. I posted a screenshot that completely masked the group, the poster, and any potential personal identifiers. I posted because I think this qualifies as a COVID idiot and if we as a community, country, and world are going to get past this pandemic, we have to be smarter as a collective than we often are. Pretty simple, right?

Wrong. The comments came fast and furious. How dare I say anything? Easy. How many of us now know someone who has had COVID? How many people have been forced to watch from afar as family members have died of COVID because they aren’t allowed to be with the, for fear of others contracting this highly contagious virus which has infected families all around the world as in entire families? I am sorry not sorry but I think it is nuts to plan a huge event and potentially expose a pregnant woman and her unborn child to COVID. With all the how dare I comments came the over 100 comments from people affected by COVID or who know people affected by COVID, or who lost people to COVID.

One of the people who criticized is one who also criticized my posting the school district update. Her right but gave me pause because sadly I guess I was only an ok human being when I was posting about saving homes from eminent domain and a traffic circle? And then of course came one of the like 20 admins the group has actually identifying the group it came from. So yo’ “boo”? I don’t want to be in a group where bleach baths and is that husband cheating on her and worse is a thing, so keep your righteous indignation because oh hell yes I was indeed judging….but remember I did it without naming the group or letting poster identity get out, that was ummm in part YOU.

Which brings me to the continuing and overwhelming projection of selfish behavior and narcissism that has become the norm on social media. This is now the perfect segue to an article I read. Here is an excerpt:

The Elephant Journal: December 19, 2020
How COVID exposed New Age Narcissism.

📌During this global pandemic that has disrupted life as we know it, many people have attempted to find the silver lining in the chaos.

For some, it has brought people closer to their friends and families. For others, it has slowed them down and got them to reevaluate their lives and careers. Some picked up healthy habits, while others gave in to unhealthy ones.

In the end, it has brought many things inside of us to the surface. It has left many of us exposed to a layer of truth about ourselves and society that we were unaware of before.📌

This is an interesting read.

I will admit quite freely that COVID19 has not worked positively on my patience or occasional bouts of sarcasm. I am more impatient than I was at times with these keyboard tigers who dwell on social media and especially in community Facebook groups. Quite simply, I am increasingly intolerant of these people not only attempting to dumb everything down, but their narcissistic or merely selfish approach to the me first of it all 24/7/365. I will never be among their adoring public but I thank them for their many gifts of assholishness which provides giggles.

How I end up coping with these people is finding the humor in what can only be described as their online idiocy and assholishness and bitchfests. We are all discovering these people. Humor helps make it better. So does dumping wasted energy out our lives. At the end of the day, we don’t have to like them, and they don’t have to like us. After all, who are they in the grand, even cosmic sphere of things? Not important. (But damn amusing to occasionally poke fun at since they are but a spin on Stepford Wives, anyway.)

Happy hump day Wednesday folks! It’s a brand new year of silliness!