fun and (mask) games at tredyffrin easttown school district school board meeting

Last night was more of the same: pro-mask, anti-mask, with the anti-maskers spitting, sputtering, screaming, and cursing. Makes me think of the Crosby Stills, Nash, & Young song “Teach Your Children” every time. But what are these people teaching? What is their message?

Anyway, last night was tame, at least outside. But inside? Flip out city.

Flip Out 1:

Now one thing gave people pause. Check out this screen shot someone posted and asked if this was the same person:

Who is this person and where do they actually live?

Left photo is Captain Pink Shirt from last week’s UNsanctioned Great Valley School DIstrict School Board Takeover Meeting. On the right Angry Grey Shirt Man from Tredyffrin Easttown School District School Board meeting.

Is this also the guy outside Valley Forge Middle School cussing out a handful of high school students calling them “Soyboys” and more offensive things? Is this the SAME person???

So here, check this out:

Another perspective:

A snippet from the Great Valley School District School Board UNsanctioned meeting:

So yeah, the sound is not great. People were recording in large rooms off of their phones. But if you turn up the volume, you can hear.

But it’s odd, isn’t it? People who say they live in one school district who appear to have twins or doppelgängers in other school districts? Coincidence or a road show? And what of these people who don’t live in school districts showing up everywhere? Who is organizing them and to what end? Is a political party paying for this? It sure is troubling.

I will note that law enforcement agencies are following these events.

Be safe out there.

Turn UP the volume

10 thoughts on “fun and (mask) games at tredyffrin easttown school district school board meeting

  1. It’s frightening and scary listen to a woman reading …whatever it was on the other school board meeting that had nothing to do with wearing a mask that protects you from me and from the adults in the room shouting debris into the air.
    It is now official: the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for everyone 16 years and older.
    Now I’m not always up after 11 at night, but Stephen Colbert’s monologue is mostly about meetings similar to the two we viewed here. The short clips of people at the mike are just as scary funny and frightening

    “Anti-Vaxxers Bring The Crazy At Public Meetings In California”

    If only the angry people could just sit quietly and read the history of the various mandatory vaccines we get …and consider the 20-plus shots the military get. They are NOT something new. What is new is the spread of false statements (to be polite) and the people who have been mesmirized or hypnotized by them. It seems the only thing the anti-vaxx screamers understand is when they end up in the hospital screaming for the vaccine…and probably getting angry with the nurse explains it’s too late for the vaccine.

    • Sara
      Your post is a little misleading. Keep in mind the “Vaccines” you are referencing are most likely Inactivated vaccines, Subunit, recombinant, polysaccharide, conjugate vaccines, Toxoid Vaccines, or Live-attenuated vaccines. These fit the classic definition of a vaccine. The Vaccines in question ( for COVID) are Messenger RNA vaccine and Viral vector vaccines. Both brand new “vaccines'” types that in order to be called vaccines ( for public acceptance) the definition of a “vaccine” was changed. So they are in FACT SOMETHING NEW.

      • Well, Dr. Moby, you are correct that the genetic vaccines, considered the second generation, are used to boost people’s immune systems. But, all the other vaccines you listed are still used – and mandated in most cases – for diseases that are still around or were eradicated many years ago: measles, rubella, mumps, chickenpox, hepatitis A, poliovirus, rabies, hepatitis B, influenza, HPV, pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus. And, like mRNA, etc, they all help the immune system.

        Please Note: My comments weren’t meant to cause a tiff about the variety of vaccines used, but to bring up the fact that there are many people who refuse to listen to doctors, immunology scientists…people who know and understand the importance of vaccinating everyone. I’ve discovered that the majority of the people who are angry about mask and vaccine mandates watch only one TV channel for the current news and opinions.

  2. It is 100% the same guy. I was at the T/E meeting and he stated his name there as well. I wish he had been half as civil at the T/E meeting as he was in the first one.

    • Except people wonder if he was one of the ones yelling at the GVSD school board before they recessed? The thing is what was recorded was the unsanctioned meeting. People did not see or hear what happened ahead of time and it was awful. GVSD cut their recording although I would think security cameras got it all?

  3. I think it’s the same man. He got so mad he was seeing red! What are we teaching our children? Ignorance, disrespect, bad language, and stupidity are learned ;sadly by parents first.

  4. From what I’m reading on other sites, he’s divorced – has a child who lives with mom in T/E School District and attends school there, but dad lives in GV District. So both districts get to deal with this moron.

  5. He has kids in both schools. Funny to watch you all try and judge him though.

    • He draws attention to himself by being a supreme asshole. That is what is judged: his poor behavior. Run along now and tell him you defended his honor.

    • Funny to see how you defend a raving, disrespectful individual like Pink Shirt/Gray Shirt Man. But, “Joe Blow”, I guess only some people get to “judge” – like you and the other dangerous people.

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