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Hi Alicia! I am guessing you don’t like yesterday’s post? All based on public information and I am actually allowed to express my opinions by virtue of the same First Amendment that allows you to spew hatred at Tredyffrin Easttown School Board meeting, correct?

So the photo you posted? Well it is 10 yrs old and I am fairly certain it was either before I had breast cancer surgery, or after I had surgery and was getting ready or just starting radiation treatment. Are you happy now that you posted the photo? Like I am wanted for some crime against humanity? Lots of people know me, dear. Some of those people actually alerted me to your public wanted poster on your Facebook profile.

You might not like what I have had to say about you or your anti-masker, anti-vaxxer amigos, but I am entitled to my opinions like anyone else. You put yourself out there in public forums where you have no expectation of privacy, you don’t really do so well with your privacy settings on social media, and you chose to try a Go Fund Me for your lawsuit for an injunction against Tredyffrin Easttown School District/School Board that was covered by the media. YOU madam, raised your own profile. No one else. I am not breaking new ground here. You have created your own political theater have you not?

That photo illustrates why I live immunocompromised for life… because I had breast cancer and received treatment and just finished up 10 years of breast cancer medication.

So I have zero respect for someone like you who raises hell in school board meetings with your nonsense. Sure you have your first amendment right to your opinions, but no law says I or anyone else has to agree with you and the first amendment is not subjective is it? Or do you think it is?

411: we have been living with a global pandemic. Not the common cold. Masks won’t hurt people for a little while. No one likes to wear them, but if we do our part because that is how this will all get under control and eventually life will return to normal. Of course the flip side is will life return to normal? Ask any cancer survivor and we will tell you we have had to get used to a new normal. Maybe you do too?

Bless your heart, thanks for the photo memory, and the very real and valid reasons people like me think people like you are just wrong.

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  1. Carla: You are the greatest and i am so lucky to read and follow your posts. Your comments about this “thing” are spot on and i admire you calling the”thing” out for what she is worth.
    David C. Greene

  2. Carla, I love ur blog & FB posts – you are the kind of person who really can see other’s perspectives but you also cut through the BS. As far as this particular post, I’ve noticed that the people who take issue with keeping all of us safe are usually angry, hateful and just downright nasty. You can’t have a reasonable discussion or agree to disagree with someone who thinks it’s okay to treat differing opinions with cruelty.

  3. Carla,
    I’m relatively new to your blog, but I find myself anxiously looking forward to new postings! Your frankness is refreshing!
    P.S. your take on Chester county is spot on!

  4. To Alicia and your fellow former plaintiffs: it must be so nice to have never suffered a day in your lives, never had relatives who died from a preventable disease … all you know is privilege. Your hatred of your fellow taxpayers, your kids’ classmates’ families, and our educators is absolutely shameful.

    To be consistent, I expect you to sue immediately – and to set up another GoFundMe – to end all school vaccinations. Let them all suffer, right??

    • Hi James – the court case is still ongoing. The ruling was that the plaintiffs could not have an immediate injunction against mandatory masking. However, if you read the ruling, he states that the likelihood of success on their part is not high. I think they have already been on the bogus CRT thing.

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