malvern on a saturday

So I remember reading many months back that Malvern has approved some unnecessary development up King? I guess it’s this East King Street thing on their website?

This past Saturday as we sat and sat in traffic on Malvern’s main drag, I looked around at all the cute stores and whatnot already there and wondered given the traffic NOW, why they would want to create more density and congestion in basically a one horse town?

It seems to me they stand a darn good chance of ruining a good thing.   Why make Malvern what it isn’t?  Why not enhance gently if they *must* do something? Why does redevelopment ALWAYS seem to mean super-sizing?

When did the vision of communities stop being about the actual community?

Yes, the horse is out of the barn in this case, and it seems a case of alea iacta est   – or the die has been cast, but I can’t help myself.  I look at Malvern and look at those ugly plans and think to myself “what are these people thinking?”