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  1. I asked about this barn by leaving many comments prior to this one as to where the picture of the above barn was by asking for a response back, but to no avail. I’ll try AGAIN. Is it on the corner of Sugartown Rd. and Paoli Pike, across the street from a nursery? Near phelps school? A simple yes or no will do. P.s.- PLEASE, PLEASE change your cover page of the women’s lib barn, sooooo tired of seeing and hearing about it! Thanks much…

    • Have you left comments before? I honestly don’t remember, and sometimes people’s comments for whatever reason end up in the spam folder which I don’t check I just delete.

      Yes this is the barn across from Woodlawn nursery. Don’t quite get the “a simple yes or no will do”.

      As for changing the photo on the banner of my blog, it’s my blog. So how and when I do things is up to me.

      I have not heard from the people that actually own the barn, and truthfully I don’t think they care. Because if they did, they would reach out to me themselves. Any photos take of this barn was taken from a public street. And I will note again I am hardly the only person who has photographed this barn over the years. The only person who has had issue with the banner photo on my blog is the youngest daughter of the people that own the barn. And her comments came in on her corporate email, which is never very wise.

      The great irony is, I was thinking of looking for another image to use as my banner on the blog, but now I think I’m just going to let it go a while longer. While I appreciate input on my blog, I don’t take to it too kindly when people dictate to me. And it sounds like you are dictating to me. Maybe you don’t mean to, but that is what I am hearing just the same.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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