meanwhile back at ludwig’s corner….

Well apparently the accusers of Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Grounds have names.  They mean nothing to me, of course, but they confuse me.  The horse show grounds have existed for decades, correct?  So people who move in would know there is skeet shooting, right?  So if you didn’t want to hear guns why move to a fairly rural area where you know there is skeet shooting?

I wrote about this before , and someone pointed out to me that clay pigeons shouldn’t be an issue, but if the lead shot wasn’t cleaned up, that would be a legitimate gripe.  But you aren’t hearing about the lead shot, you are hearing about clay pigeons.

Ludwig’s seeks better relationship with its neighbors

Published: Tuesday, February 07, 2012


WEST VINCENT — The Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Association is checking ways to improve its status among its neighbors by responding to their concerns.
….Linda Rava, a 15-year neighbor of the grounds, said that although she didn’t support the township supervisors’ use of eminent domain, she also doesn’t support the “belligerent” and “aggressive” behavior of the members of the skeet shooting club. Rava says that they now shoot over neighbors’ property on Sundays and holidays, including Christmas, New Years, Easter, and Mother’s Day.
“The last couple of years they have not been good neighbors,” said Rava. “I hope that the Horse Show does the right thing and takes care of their property.”
Judy Holmes, another neighbor of the grounds, is another voice against the booming practices of the shooting club.
“(They) disrupt our quiet,” said Holmes. “The Ludwigs Corner Horse Show could care less about us neighbors and being inconvenienced by this.”

And what up with the noise brew ha ha ha?  I get these people don’t like noise, but if that is the case what is with these Whinersons?  Why did they move next door to a place that is known for many things including skeet shooting?  They disrupt their quiet?  Look, I like quiet, but if I made a conscious decision to move next door to a shooting range, gun club, or a property where skeet shooting occurred, wouldn’t I have to expect a little bit of noise once in a while? Do they believe in deer birth control versus culling the herd, too?

Who are these Linda Rava and Judy Holmes women?  The horse show people in my humble opinion are neither aggressive or belligerent.  They are just doing their thing on the land owned by the horse show association or whatever.  They aren’t doing anything different from what they have done for decades, so why is suddenly not o.k.?

Personally I would rather have the horse show grounds as a neighbor with occasional skeet shooting versus a strip mall with fast food places and when I opened my windows I would hear “do you want fries with that?” ….and smell the smell of ancient grease.

Wow.  Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show can’t get a break. I mean if I was a conspiracy theorist….wow the possibilities…..lordy one would think these people would also be concerned about West Vincent Supervisor Miller and his goat poo too, huh?