one of my favorite places….historic yellow springs

One of my favorite places is Historic Yellow Springs, so I thought I would give them a chestercountyramblings shout out.  What an awesome little crossroads village it is. It’s home to Chester Springs Studio and other fun stuff.  Save the date for their art show, you will be glad you did.  For 2012 it is April 28th to May 13th, 2012.  They also have a Preservation Fair, which this year is Saturday April 21st.  I used to love their antique show in the fall, but it doesn’t seem they do it any longer.

I have heard that the economy has been tough on this little slice of heaven, so remember to support historic preservation endeavors like this.  Developers can build all the McNasties they want, but they will never come close to evoking the charm like you find when strolling through historic villages like this.

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