2 thoughts on “put those milk producing animals to work, baby!

  1. Be careful Commandant Miller doesn’t like public records being made public.

    • Well, If he wants to pick on a woman who is a fairly recent breast cancer survivor, I am sure it will make some additional excellent exposure for him. And for the prices he charges for his “goods” at Farm Markets, well I was surprised to see this. (He and his staff whomever they are aren’t even particularly pleasant at Bryn Mawr Farmers Market. When you ask a question it’s like it’s a big bother. And their products aren’t even the best Chester County has to offer. And doesn’t he farm in part on land owned technically by the taxpayers of West Vincent?)

      Mr. Miller is a public elected official which makes him fair game. He wanted to take privately owned land via eminent domain for private gain as an elected official and well he should have his own issues in order when he goes and does things like this, shouldn’t he? I did him a favor and didn’t post all that Roadmaster stuff, didn’t I?

      Don’t forget the fun on Chickenman’s site: http://chickenman.medianewsonline.com/

      The First Amendment is a powerful thing. If I were Mr. Miller I would be looking for a way to redeem myself in the eyes of the people. But if that doesn’t happen, he won’t be the first poitician who finds their arrogance is their ultimate undoing.

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