text this

I am glad the texting while driving ban has gone into effect in PA even if it is kind of dumb that the new state law kind of supersedes Philadelphia’s existing law.

Last week driving on Providence Road there was this person ahead of me in a white Nissan sedan.  They were WEAVING all over the road in broad daylight.  It was frightening to watch. I picked them up again later on Paoli Pike, and when I ended up next to them at an intersection, I saw the weave and bob reason: they were texting while driving.

I have been almost hit as a pedestrian on the Main Line many times by texting iPhone mommies in a super important hurry.  When I see this I am always amazed that they are doing this, because almost every time, these ladies have had children in the car.  They are oblivious to everyone and everything around them, and that can cause dangerous consequences.

Maybe I am part Luddite since I haven’t even had a smart phone two years, but I am one of those people who doesn’t even talk on the cell phone while driving.  I know I can’t do both, so I don’t understand how people can text and drive. Or why they try to. Besides, unless someone is bleeding in the car, what can’t wait until you are parked somewhere?

Multi-tasking behind the wheel can be deadly, so here’s hoping this state law does some good.  I say that because I have yet to see people get pulled over for not having their lights on while their windshield wipers are on as well as people who drive with snow ledges on top of their vehicles.

Now if people could just be encouraged to take their time and not do speed racer on the roads and allow pedestrians to cross at legal cross-walks, we’d be talking.

Phoenixville Patch: Texting While Driving Ban Goes in Effect Thursday

A conviction carries a $50 fine, and it’s a primary offense. 

March 6, 2012