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O.k. not that it has been a snowy winter or anything. Because it hasn’t and we all know this weather trend could mean a hot, hot summer and water restrictions.  But spring means horse show season is upon us and laste evening I was a guest at a little spring kick off event for The Devon Horse show at Ardmore Farmers Market.

As Susan Scovill reports:

On Thursday, March 21, 2012 the Ladies’ Day Committee of The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, guests and supporters gathered at the Ardmore Farmer’s Market in Ardmore for a pre-Devon Horse Show cocktail party. Ladies wearing their best hats exchanged news about the upcoming show, and of course, the Ladies’ Day Hat Competition and Champagne Tea set for Wednesday, May 30. The Devon Horse Show will run from May 24 through June 3, 2012.

Hats off to Spring was really fun!  But then again, my friend Jen McGowen never does

Hostess with the mostest Jen McGowen and Barbara Bowers Ward

anything that isn’t fun or fabulous!

Devon Horse Show is a tradition.  Visit them on the web by CLICKING HERE.

My friend Barb and myself had our photo taken by Susan Scovill.  We were garbed a little more traditionally, so we felt like we were photographed with the Spice Girls LOL. Looks like I am going to need another hat for the Ladies Day Hat Competition and Champagne Tea.  I know I am not that much of a hat person to wander about with birds on my head, but it’s a good excuse for a fun afternoon so I will have to see what kind of acceptable chapeau I can come up with.