west vincent has hay fever?

The funny things people send me.  So there is this new mystery blog that does not allow comments advertising free hay and getting paid to mow it in West Vincent:

 Ok so I wondered why give away the hay?  So I went to West Vincent’s website and pulled up the bid.  Mowing of Sewage Treatment Spray Fields? Is that like poopy grass? ICK!

Well it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  Why can’t they make Farmer Extraordinaire Supervisor Ken Miller do it as a swap for that West Vincent land he farms on?  Seems to be the perfect job for him, yes?

And speaking of Farmer Ken, is it just me or is everyone not allowed to post comments on Birchrun Hills Farms Facebook page? Are they afraid of a lil’ ol’ blogger?   And what’s up with their rogue farm market at their farm?  Has anyone gone?  They are there with overpriced Oley Mushrooms and a couple others.