circling back to french creek state park.

Well according to media reports like the Pottstown Mercury, the fire is STILL burning. 619 acres now:

(Updated at 11:50 a.m. April 12) UNION TWP. — Firefighters are still working to extinguish the wildfire burning in parts of French Creek State Park and Hopewell Furnace national park.

 According to information from the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, breakout fires caused by embers from the fire containment zone flying into dead treetops located “just outside the control line” have caused the area affected by the fire to reach 619 acres.

“Crews working on making a secure control line yesterday were faced with embers igniting fuels outside the containment lines. These embers originated from dead trees just outside the control line. Flying embers, in many cases, have lodged in the dead tree tops hours before becoming visible to fire crew personnel,” read a press release from the DCNR

Now I had read somewhere yesterday about a couple of hikers needing to be rescued. Lordy, if the place is on fire, and you aren’t a first responder helping with that, why wander into a danger zone?  Makes no sense to me.

WFMZ Channel 69 also has good coverage of this.  The photos in this post are courtesy of my friend Richard Simons who was up at a campground a few miles away. He did not wander aimlessly into the fire zone – his photos were taken from a fair distance away.