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In March, I put up a post about one of the many old houses falling to crumble and ruin in Chester County…along Route 30. 

Thanks to Pete Kennedy of Malvern Patch I now know…It is a home formerly known Linden Hall (used to have Linden trees – one of my late father’s favorite trees), once owned by a family named Paulovich.

Also…according to it was also know as “Wayne Tavern”.  Like Loch Aerie, which I have written about twice and photographed, East Whiteland ironically lists this home as a historical site on their website.  Apparently they value these structures, only they don’t seem to push them towards permanent preservation?

At the risk of being repetitive, I will close with what I said in March –

Chester County needs to put some thoughts into their commercial corridors don’t they?  It’s not like the location is suited for residential, yet here and there these old houses sit and rot.  Some have sale signs on them, some are just rotting away by themselves.

What can be done with old buildings like this?  I am a realist and know full well that not every old house should be saved.  But some should.   And Chester County needs better planning in their commercial corridors.  Man  cannot live by strip mall alone……

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  1. East Whiteland does have a Historic Preservation Ordinance that encourages adaptive reuse of its historic buildings. The Patch photos dated 1979 almost all are from that initial listing of Historic structures. Yes, we have lost quite a few but many have also been preserved. We cannot force the owners of the land to restore the homes, we can just encourage it with added uses and zoning incentives. I chaired the Planning Comm thru the Home Depot application and we worked to get added buffer around Loch Aerie…We pushed hard to preserve as much land around the house as possible and to this day people tell me we didnt do enough. Of course those are the same ones who never attend any meetings…..

    • thanks for stopping by Paula. I live in East Goshen. Loch Aerie is marooned, so I can understand why people are upset…but there is no accounting for taste with the Tabas family, nor do they seem preservation minded or Loch Aerie would be so. However, encouraging adaptive reuse and actively hunting developers and real estate investors who do that are two different things. And East Whiteland as well as other municipalities are all smart enough that they should want that route 30 commercial corridor to not look so hodge podge and rough. It is but one opinion,but I think if multiple Chester County municipalities banded together to try to improve the route 30 streetscape, maybe something would happen. I also think property owners who allow vacant properties to look derelict should be fined… After all many municipalities will do that if grass gets too high.

      • Sadly, “community planning” via the Ches Co planning comm got a bad reputation within EW when it came out with its 2020 plan and several EW residential areas were shown as added corporate areas. We were told once that Eastern Ches co would need to be concentrated development inorder for the rest of Chester co. to stay green. There are fines for unsafe property but doubt it’s enforced. Agreed that the Tabas Family didn’t care about Loch Aerie, what progess we made was with the Home Depot engineer. At one time the drive in and out came very close to the side porch—but once we noted the underground ice house in the yard, they had to go 50′ from that (the little cupola in the yard is the vent!)

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  3. I have driven past this old building many times and wondered what it was. I thought it looked like a former inn and apparently I was correct. I have seen that the vines on the outside are now growing INSIDE the house…you can see them through the window. It is an unbelievable eyesore and the grass growing outside and the field around the house are overgrown as well. This has been going on for years. I am really surprised the place has not been vandalized and it truly a fire trap sitting there unattended.

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