I just wanted everyone to know that I found out this morning that one of my black and white photos will be featured in the Delaware Valley Regional  Planning Commission (DVRPC)  “I Love Classic Towns” Photo Contest’s Traveling  Gallery Show!  I do not know if I won any of the monetary prizes as of yet, but I think it is an honor to be part of the show and am very excited!

The shot they chose is one of the thousands I have taken of one of my favorite small towns/main street oriented communities, Ardmore, PA.  If you go to the DVRPC’s page on Ardmore as a Classic Town, they use some of my other photos.  The one of the top of the old movie theater that says “Ardmore” and under the “live” tab, you see a photo I took of the front porch of a friend of mine.  Part of Ardmore off “main street” is a very definite front porch community and there are some really cool houses and wonderful neighborhoods.  I have always found something very welcoming about an old-fashioned front porch.

And the photo above is NOT one entered in the contest.  Took it yesterday in West Chester.