hot, hot, hot

Yes, indeedy, it almost is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.  Which is why I gardened early this morning.

I got up with the birds (no, not the 4:30 a.m. birds, even I am not that ambitious), and did my hand watering.  Yes, as opposed to some, I actually like to do my own gardening.  (So when I say “see what I planted?” it means moi with my own two hands.)

This morning was awesome as I my lacecap hydrangeas are starting to bloom and my snapdragons too!

Another new discovery this morning was yarrow growing wild, so I transplanted into a bed with other herbs.  Bee balm is blooming too – the flowers look like Don King’s crazy hair of a yore.

Also, one of the fun things about summer is almost anything can become a vase, and I not only cut my flowers, but herbs too.  My curly mint will find its way into a summer salad with Israeli couscous later…and yes I will post the recipe.

It’s hot as the dickens, so keep cool!