what exactly does “coming soon” mean?

Is a bulldozer coming soon or what?  This property is beyond unkempt and the way this historic structure is being left to rot via demolition by neglect is almost criminal (not that any of the multitude of other old and historic homes I see rotting along Route 30 are any better – I think the abandoned and derelict what looks to be 18th century farmhouse next toe Clews & Strawbridge looks like a giant vine now).

So this is Linden Hall, and since we were driving by today I thought I would take some additional photos.  East Whiteland are you just blind to how bad parts of your commercial corridor look?

1 thought on “what exactly does “coming soon” mean?

  1. I see this house all the time, as I often drive past that area. I have never seen such a wreck. It is a true eyesore. If they have no intention of renovating it and it’s not on the NRHP, then it should just be torn down. The vines are growing on the INSIDE of the house. I am really surprised it has not been vandalized and set on fire by some kids somewhere, or someone has not broken in there.

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