another devon disaster to report

Bad week to say you are from Devon.  Hookers near the horse show in that Marriott, Waterloo and Chapter 11, and now a major as in M-A-J-O-R drug bust.

Poor Devon, always in the shadow of Strafford, always a little odd, and now a hot bed of bad publicity:

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Tredyffrin man suspect in $2.5-million drug bust

Published: Friday, July 20, 2012

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office announced   Friday the arrests of James Lippert of Tredyffrin and David Eisenstadt of Philadelphia for allegedly possessing over $2.5 million worth of marijuana.

According to a press release from the DA’s Office, federal and local law enforcement agencies raided homes in Philadelphia and Tredyffrin Township. The arrests and raids were coordinated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”), the Chester County DA’s Office,the Tredyffrin Township Police Department, and the Philadelphia PoliceDepartment.

District Attorney Tom Hogan stated, “When federal and local law enforcement work as a team, drug dealers do not stand a chance. These two drug dealers thought they were smart to be running drugs and money between Philadelphia and Chester County. Now we have their drugs and money, and they have been arrested andlocked up.”

Defendant James Lippert, 49,  lived on the 100 block of Colket Lane, Devon.

Defendant David Eisenstadt, 50, lived on the 4000 block of Chester Ave., Philadelphia.

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  1. Bad news, yes, but, apparently, in Devon, crime doesn’t pay. Three cheers for all agencies involved in these coordinated efforts. As for Waterloo, maybe it’s time had passed.

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