smithfield barn is open most of labor day weekend!

My favorite barn is open this weekend! My apologies, I forgot to post.

Here is the e-mail from Kris:

Hi Everyone!!
     Just a little note to let everyone know that the barn will be open this FRI SAT AND SUN from 10-4(ish)…..For those of you staying local this Labor Day weekend come stop by the barn and check out all of our great new stuff, everything from furniture, pictures, mirrors, to some great new tools!!  For those who might want to stop by early and get a first look I will be out in the barn Thursday afternoon and evening setting up! Hope to see you this weekend!!
               Smithfield Barn 425 Little Conestoga Road


5 thoughts on “smithfield barn is open most of labor day weekend!

  1. I have to ask . . . just becase. Are they zoned for this business and do they collect sales tax?

    • Well , I don’t know, and is this an official business, or a glorified garage sale? Are you a neighbor? Why not go over there and ask yourself? Your IP addy indicates you are in Downingtown/Honey Brook so I have to ask you are you a neighbor of the barn? I have sent your comment with your e-mail to the Smithfield Barn so they can reply directly…or they may send me an answer which I will post

    • FYI Eleanor from around Honey Brook (right?) – I asked your question and this is the response I got:

      Hi!! Thanks for passing this along it’s always interesting to hear the chitter chatter out there! Well I’ll tell you the same thing I tell anyone that asks… We are open once at most twice a month and all of the items I sell have already been taxed once, most two times, which coincidentally I have paid. As far as the zoning we are the same as the barn down the road that is a business open 7 days a week. Not sure if I know this person but I did have someone asking a few weeks ago about how I handle tax because they wanted to try and do the same thing in there barn. But anyhow thanks for passing along …. Maybe I’ll send her an email!! Hope to see you soon!!!!

      Hope that answers your question!

      • Thanks for the answer! My IP address must be a little off; I’m right on Little Conestoga and was curious if Wallace zoning allows for business such as this along Little Conestoga . . . . if I had to be worried about getting hounded by the state tax man if I choose to do the same.

        Just as an FYI — the Wertz’s are selling farm produce and no sales tax applies. The PA DOR views that quite differently from a retail endeavor. (Sometimes the tax man will wait years to pop an on-going concern like this. And I love the taxed twice analogy– my car’s had the same sales tax paid on it no less than 3 times so I suppose there is no escapin’ the tax man.)

  2. How can I get on someones email to get notices of Smithfield sales? Thought I added my email to a list but have never recieved anything. They have some great finds! Thanks for the info.

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