down on the farm activities 9/29/2012

So I was looking on that West Vincent website today (I am a glutton for punishment) and I noticed they seem to be advertising a community event that I have heard people talk about (which is truthfully very neighborly they should do that for ALL community events) .  Anyway this event  is always partially crossover time to other fall events – Maysie’s Farm Fest 2012  – it is a big WXPN event day with folk music and stuff.  I checked the acts and nothing I want to listen to in particular, but still thought it might be fun to check out.

Only I can’t figure out what kind of a non-profit they are.  WXPN says they are a non-profit, they say they are a non-profit but they don’t say what kind.  So are they like a 501(c)(3)?

I called up the Department of Charities in Harrisburg because I could not find them in the searchable database. And I was told that they did not renew their registration in November 2011?  What does that mean?  Why? Do they make below that threshold of $25,000 or whatever? Maybe they now piggyback off of someone else’s non-profit status?

Anyway this Maysie’s Farm seems to do great stuff, so I would say check it out if you are looking for fall fun tomorrow. Maysie’s does all sorts of cool stuff like this folk music day and CSAs .

The Mill at Anselma is a place to buy advance tickets for this until 6 pm – $15.00. At the gate before 6 pm on Saturday tickets are $20.